An Observation

It appears everyone on my Facebook feed who is complaining about the government has:

  • A job
  • A roof over their head
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Health care

Complaining about the external world is literally wasting your life away by playing stupid status games to win stupid status prizes.

The world has an unlimited amount of external problems, and always will.

Those willing to do the hard work of working on themselves will ultimately live a more peaceful life and feel little need to complain about the external.

The Best ROI.

The best ROI you can achieve is by working out in the morning. 

Move your body for 15 minutes at a minimum. 

Skip, swing kettle bells, do some burpees.

Put some high tempo electronic music on and go for it.

This act plays unbelievable dividends for the rest of the day, and therefore, your life. 


Today I have a fully functioning body.

Today I have a fully functioning mind.

Today I have my lover, my family and my friends.

Today I have a roof over my head and money in the bank.

Today I am free from physical and mental pain.

Today I am fit and strong.

Today I am breathing.

I cannot guarantee these luxuries tomorrow.

But today, I will enjoy these, with all that I have.